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How It Works

Check out this short video to see our process and setup when drawing live digital caricatures at events.

Court-Setup-Cocktail-Table 2.jpg

The Setup

The equipment we use for live digital caricatures is extremely streamlined but has an impressive presence when set up at a reception or trade show booth. There are three main components: a digital tablet on a stand, a compact printer and a 32 inch LCD monitor on a stand.


We bring everything we need to work and only ask to be provided a small table, two chairs, an electrical outlet and a location indoors - or in a covered location if outdoors during the day.


The Drawing Process

Each sketch takes 5 to 6 minutes in color or about 3 minutes in black and white. That's about 10 people per hour in color or as many as 20 per hour in black and white.


When we finish a sketch, we print it on 4 x 6" glossy paper. We place each print in a clear protective sleeve and hand it to the guest. We are paid by the hour as entertainers so the sketches are given freely to the guests.

The artist's tablet is connected to a large display screen so guests can easily watch the caricatures take shape in real time.


Getting the Digital Sketches

We either save the sketches to a cloud folder like Dropbox in real time at the event or we upload them shortly afterwards. You and the guests will be able to freely download the sketches to your phone or computer as soon as they're posted.


Each print given to the guests will have a small download link at the bottom that points to this website or to any online gallery you prefer.

Special Requests

If you have any special requests or protocols for us to follow at your event, we are happy to oblige. If you have an original idea or a twist no one has tried before, we will figure it out for you. There may be additional fees if your request requires extra materials or additional time creating custom artwork in advance. Here are some examples of special requests we have accommodated:


• Custom bodies or backgrounds created ahead of time.


• We can draw on your company's new tablet device, or software.


• Instant uploads of files live at event.


• We can connect our tablets to your own large external video displays.


• Larger 8.5 x 11" prints (Normally we print at 4 x 6")


• Accessories like mat frames or heavy duty badge holders with lanyards.


• Different styles: Anime style, sketchy pencil or charcoal drawings, or even retro pixel art style caricatures


• Have a new idea or special request? Just let us know!

Virtual Caricatures


We can draw live virtually over platforms like Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams for your online meeting. We share our webcams AND drawing screens simultaneously so guests can see and talk to us as well as watch the sketches come to life. Or we can work discretely in the background and reveal the caricatures at the end of the meeting. Virtual bookings can be as short as one hour. We upload the caricatures in real time so you and the guests have immediate access to them.

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