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Live digital caricatures for trade shows, receptions and other events

Digital caricature artists draw by hand and entertain live at events on tablet devices while guests watch on a large LCD display.


Digital caricature is a new spin on the traditional art form. It's perfect for trade shows, conventions, receptions or any event where you want to entertain and give your guests a unique gift to remember the occasion or to promote your brand and improve engagement with the public.


  • Caricatures are drawn by hand on tablet PC or iPad

  • Based in San Diego, California but we travel anywhere

  • Your branding or party info included on each image

  • Guests take home a 4 x 6" glossy print of their sketch

  • Artists provide their own equipment and supplies

  • Images stored in a virtual gallery for guests to freely download

  • Guests watch the artists draw live on large LCD displays

  • Color caricatures take 5 to 6 minutes each

  • Caricature setup increases foot traffic at trade show booths

  • Guests stay entertained, even those who don't get drawn

  • Frequently serving Los AngelesLas Vegas & Palm Springs

  • Live virtual drawing is an option for your online gatherings

  • Artists are fully vaccinated for COVID

  • The artist's setup promotes social distancing during the event

Looking for a sketch you had done?

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