Digital Event Caricature

Live art entertainment

How We Work

Check out this short video to see our process and setup when drawing live digital caricatures at events.

The Setup


The equipment we use for live digital caricatures is extremely compact, for travel, but has a big impact when set up at a reception or trade show booth. Guests always want to come over to look at what's going on and find out why people are gathered around laughing. There are 3 main components: a digital tablet PC on a stand, a compact printer and a 32 inch LCD monitor on a stand. There are only a few cables involved. We ask to be provided a small table, two chairs, an electrical outlet, and a location indoors, or in a covered location if outdoors during the day to ensure optimal screen viewing and protection from the elements.

The Drawing Process


When a guest sits down in front of us, we get them to relax with some simple conversation. Or, if at a trade show booth, we are happy to let the booth staff chat with the guests about their company or product, while we are drawing them, thus ensuring a good amount of time to engage with potential new clients on a personal level.


Each sketch takes about 5 to 6 minutes in color, or about 3 to 4 minutes in black and white. We generally only sketch the head and shoulders. Drawing bodies or backgrounds live takes too much time.


When we finish a sketch, we print it on 4 x 6" glossy paper, which takes less than 1 minute. It is dry immediately and we place each in a clear plastic sleeve which the guests can attach to their lanyard badges using the included adhesive strip. Or they can be sealed and easily stored away in a pocket or purse.



Generally, we upload the sketches from each event to our website within a couple hours of the end of the event. You or the guests will have free access to download the sketches for as long as we have the link posted on this website, which is usually about a year. Each caricature print will have a small link at the bottom which reads "Download your sketch at" If you would prefer to host the images instead of us, we are happy to oblige. And we will not place our web link on the prints.

Special Requests


If you have any special requests or protocols for us to follow at your event, we are happy to work with you. Here are some examples of special requests we have gotten and worked with frequently. If you have an original idea or a twist no one has tried before, we will figure it out for you. There may be additional fees if your request requires extra materials or extra time creating custom artwork in advance. Please contact us for an exact quote. :


• We can design and create custom bodies or complex background templates to be used when sketching the guests live.


• We can draw live on your company's new tablet device, interactive screen or software, in order to promote that product (We would require the opportunity to work with the device at least a few days in advance to practice and develop a smooth work flow).


• We can upload the sketches immediately after they are drawn using a Wi-Fi connection (client must provide stable Wi-Fi connection or, for an additional fee, we can provide the mobile Wi-Fi connection).


• We can connect our drawing tablets to your large external displays as long as it has an HDMI video port.


• We can provide things like larger 8.5 x 11" prints, picture frames, mats or heavy duty badge holders in which to place the caricatures.


• We can draw the caricatures with slightly different digital tools like: black and white ink lines, sketchy pencil or charcoal drawings, or even groovy 8-bit style caricatures for a retro look.


• We can even work remotely, drawing your guests from our home studios, using webcams and a live video feed from your trade show booth.